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Our Coding Classes

Enjoy a 10 week Professional Medical Coding Curriculum that features classes once a week and covers 21 chapters of information.

This course includes the student workbooks and a FREE online practice exam. Plus, you'll be awarded a Certificate of Completion once you finish the course.
10 Week Program
  • Classes Once a Week
  • 21 Chapters of Information
  • Includes Student Workbooks
  • And Online Practice Exam
  • Certificate of Completion
Course Fee: $1,899

National Exam

Once you have completed the 10 week course you will be ready to sit for the National Examination. Registration is done directly through the AAPC three weeks prior to selected testing date. The fee for the examination is discounted for students at $300.


Our classes provide you with Nationwide Certification and with the knowledge you have after getting certified, you can be your own boss and work from home. 
Certified Outpatient Coder
30 CEU's
Please click on enrollment forms for Outpatient Coder.
Certified Risk Coder Training
18 CEU's
Please click on enrollment forms for Risk Coder Training.
Compliance Training
15 CEU's
Please click on enrollment forms for Compliance Training.
Medical Auditing Training
21 CEU's
Please click on enrollment forms for Auditing Training.
Practice Management Training
21 CEU's
Please click on enrollment forms for Practice Management training.
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Proudly Serving:
Staten Island, NY
Classes are located just over the Goethals Bridge. Only a short 20 minutes away.
Large Group Classes
For groups with eight or more students, we can bring the class to you.
New Providence
Classes are also available in New Providence for those of you who are unable to attend the Linden location. 

Click on Enrollment forms to view upcoming dates.
Private Tutoring
Already have taken a class and need more help in preparing for the National Exam? 

Private tutoring is available at an hourly rate. 
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